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Destroy Moscow!
played 60211 times, wins 2502
Solo Dungeon Bash
played 9154 times, wins 330
The Life
played 4287 times, wins 3
Online Chess Timer
played 689 times, wins 334
played 242 times, wins 27
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Visk games, I would never have thought, a game development company. Currently, we have as many as 1 developer on a permanent staff)) as well as several designers and writers who work as temporary employees on a project basis. If you want to contact us, see the page Contacts ;)

Try to fight against russian horde
Draw rune - cast spells - destroy enemy
You should choose your favorite candidate and agitate people to vote for your candidate. Buy billboards and tv shows and of course agitate people on street face to face!
Try you reaction and luck with new android game Gunfight PvP
Choose you look and fight with other player! Become fastest gunfighter on Wild West!
Having woken up in the Carpathian Mountains, Mykyta the Dragon saw that dark times had come. Evil horde seized the fatherland. It was not the strength to endure. The dragon fired his wings and flew.
An entertaining game for Android in which you need to drive a white ghost into a yellow trap, using the fear of the ghost to touch.
Just guess next number in sequence! Simple? Try ;)
Defence of Donetsk airport, show how much you'll be able to hold out against countless hordes of enemies
Life Online - manage your colony of bacteria, Fight for Life, with alien colony.
Destroy Moscow! Drop nuclear bomb at the Moscow! Erase all vatnic's from the face of the earth. And if you will be very accurate and you will be able to destroy their leader (Huilo).
Can I rob cowravans? It's time! you should rob cowravans, is now under Android ;)
Magic 8 Ball - under the guise of a simple billiard ball hidden powerful neural network that was trained for how to read your desires, analyze the current state of things and to give predictions for the future. This is a secret alien technology, given to us in the interplanetary program Knowledge without borders. Be careful when using the side effects have not been studied. Ask your question and click on Ball.
The prediction of the Mayan about end of the world came to pass. The mass asteroids flies to the Earth that will destroy Life on our planet. Only you as the captain of the space station can stop Death. Use missiles for shoot down asteroids that approaching to the Earth, save billions of people life!
Chess Timer online. Easily accessible on all platforms timer. Simply enter the total duration of the game and press Start Game.
Russian Roulette - extreme online game. Under the rules of the game in an empty chamber charging one round, after which the drum is rotated several times so that players do not know where is the only one bullet. After that, players take turns brings the muzzle of the revolver to his own head and pressed the trigger.
Game tell about the adventures of a thief who had just emerged from prison. The game provided as text quest, the English language.
This game is for anyone who is on their own and fancying a Dungeon Bash.
The dungeon is made up of a grid of squares, 9 squares wide and 10 rows deep. There are additional start and end squares in the middle column.
The objective is to move from the Start square up through the levels of the Dungeon and into the End square where the Big Bad Boss Monster lives and to finally defeat it. Failure to defeat the Big Bad Boss Monster means you have lost.
Solo Dungeon Bash is a solitaire dungeon crawl.