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Destroy Moscow!
played 60211 times, wins 2502
Solo Dungeon Bash
played 9154 times, wins 330
Online Chess Timer
played 688 times, wins 333
played 242 times, wins 27
played 234 times, wins 214

Aether: Rune Master

Draw rune - cast spells - destroy enemy

Aether: Rune master

Game where you need draw runes to cast spells and destroy your opponent.

Magic battles take place in Upper World (Aether) between imprints of real warlocks.

So that's place full of magic, that's place is a magic!

Use four Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) to weave powerful spells that will destroy your enemies.

Summon the Elementals to your help

Use Fireball, Thunderbolt

Combine Elements into new spells

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